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Everything starts..


..with pick-up the phone call or receiving e-mail message. From one point it’s more quick and easy to go with standard product. From another – it's challenge to invent something new for the customer, ourselves and learn more.

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Company "WINWOOD" is founded in 2008. We're manufacturers of machinery for stage - pulleys, winches, stage curtain mechanisms, cable guides, floor boxes, control systems etc.

The operation of the company is based on long term practical experience in the field of design and construction of stage mechanisms. Our primary goal is to offer the best value for money ratio for our products. Though, we do not allow compromise in product quality and technical reliability because 
we want you to have the best.

Modern methods, technologies and software are used in product design and manufacture. We tend to work out the best possible solution for each customer. In the field of stage mechanism technologies an individual approach to each project is very important, therefore in designing the products we ensure them to be easily applied to a variety of requirements of the customer. WINWOOD product are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant standards and bear CE mark. Our flexibility allows us to take each project individually and change some of the details of our products according to your desires in order to maximize the satisfaction of you and your clients.


Siguldas soseja 3D, Bergi, LV-1024, Latvia

Tel: +371 29440812


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