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Lifting stage mechanisms are not all that we offer… 
In any event, where the main action takes part on the stage, it is important to take care of the stage equipment and ensure that the stage equipment functions correctly and is safe, so nothing would disturb the stage artists work and everything would run smoothly and according to plan by giving the best experience to all visitors and participants.  

A significant part of the stage equipment is ​high quality and durable fixings​, which, although hidden from the viewer’s eyes, plays a big role in the safety of stage artists and visitors at the event. We at Winwood can provide you with this.

Considering that safety in the field of stage equipment is one of the most important aspects, we offer complex, to the smallest detail thoughtful and reliable solutions for comfortable, safe and ergonomic fixings of Stage devices​. Our product range includes both standard and customizable fixings for your project needs. 

Winwood offers stage mechanics fixings such as:

  • brackets of different lengths for reliable fixing of cable pulley blocks to the grid of supporting beams,  

  • sets of screws for mounting the pulley blocks under and above the stage beams,

  • anchorages for fixing the ropes to the rods,  

  • anchorages for leveling rods,

  • retractors with a working load of up to 250 kilograms for fixing steel ropes to the stage rods, as well as for their convenient and simple adjustment,

  • spiked lugs for attaching steel ropes to stage rods. 

The Winwood team always works on the principle of ​safety in the first place​, so we guarantee that all the fixings we offer are designed strictly according to the highest quality and safety standards and will serve reliably for many years. 
Detailed specifications and technical drawings are available for all Winwood products. 

- pilewind winches

- multiline winch

- stage machinery

- multiline pulleys

- theater supply

- cable guides

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