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Floor box

We offer specialized durable floor boxes, which are a functional and versatile solution for the secure connection of power, audio and video equipment to the stage or auditorium floor.


Floor boxes feature a sleek design that allows them to be embedded in floors of any material and construction, hiding many equipment ports from viewers' eyes and providing more scope for visual design of the stage.

Floor boxes can be equipped with different types of connectors - up to six Schuko sockets, 16 XLR (type D) connectors, 2 Socapex connectors, LAN and other connectors can be installed at the same time. The ports can be located in easily removable and interchangeable panels. Both standard and custom port boards can be combined to achieve the required number and configuration of ports.

We can provide standard floor boxes with dimensions of 200 x 200 mm or 250 x 250 mm, as well as customized floor boxes.

Get in touch with our team of technical specialists who will be happy to listen to your project needs and provide professional assistance in choosing and implementing a more efficient solution!

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