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Heavy cable guide CAB 30.jpg
Heavy duty cable guide CAB 30

Girts Teilans September 2018


Have to send big amount of cables to you lighting bridge? There's solution!

280mm wide, up to 20m height (even more, with custom solutions).


  • Maximum height – 20m

  • 2 or 3m elements (alluminium)

  • Crossection 280x51mm

  • Self weight 3.3 kg/m

  • Cables weight 25kg/m

  • Total cable weight up to 450 kg

  • Black powder coating finish

  • Fixing on truss 30-52cm

  • Cable fixing on straight sections by plastic ties

  • IGUS plastic bearings in hinges

  • CE certified


  • Custom fixing solutions

  • Custom upper fixing elements

  • Custom lenght of straight elements

  • Increased height

  • Custom colour

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