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Powertool driven pilewind winch with 24V DC brake

Girts Teilans February 2019


Lifting load – 250 kg, up to 12m lifting height. Safe electromagnetic 24V DC brake. Limit switches and LED colour indication shows travel range.

“Black box” with UPS and pedal for brake activation, carry of powertool and other accessories.


·        Standard lifting capacity 250 kg

·        3-6 lines per hoist

·        Diameter of wire - 6mm

·        Rope keeps

·        Self sustaining gearbox

·        Electromagnetic 24v DC brake with manual lever release

·        Standard winch travel -12m

·        360 deg. spool access

·        Limit switches – „absolute” and „travel”

·        LED colour indication of travel range

                   GREEN – safe travel range – brake released

                   YELLOW – travel limits reached – brake released

                   RED – absolute limits reached - brake engaged

·        Floor, wall or ceiling mounting

·        CE certified

“Black box” contains:

·        UPS 1kW

·        Pedal for activating brake

·        24V brake feeding output

·        220V output for feeding powertool

·        Space for carry powertool and accessories

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