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Marijampole Cultural Centre

Location: Marijampole, Lithuania
Year: 2017-2018
Marijampole Cultural Centre

Installer: STS


The building location takes up a unique place in the hierarchy of Marijampolė city areas. It is a relevant architectural dominant as well as a valuable cultural centre of the district. The object implements universal activities that emphasizes the importance of the audience hall with 800 seats for the city events. It is like a city square under a roof which provides an area for organizing city management, cultural, business, educational, and entertainment events for the residents. The architecture of the interior and the exterior of the building changes from Postmodernism to Art Nouveau (J. Rėklaitė).

STS performed the stage mechanization, drapery, lighting system renovation tasks.


2017: Renovation of stage mechanisms

The following engineering tasks were completed within the stage: dismantlement of old lifting mechanisms and design as well as installation of square aluminum trusses which were adapted for attaching lighting equipment and decorations. The equipment below was installed onstage:

  • five lighting soffits with cable collectors, 14 meters long each, and lifted by chain hoists;

  • seven decoration – curtain attachment trusses, 15 meters long each, and hoisted on the lifts.

A front lighting bridge together with a cable collector located above the audience and lifted by chain hoists were newly installed during the renovation.

The trusses were painted black.

Used products:


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