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Mezaparks Great Bandstand

Location: Riga, Latvia
Year: 2021
Mezaparks Great Bandstand

Installer: SIA Baltaudio


In collaboration with Winwood were made solution with 4 pcs of huge - over 40 meters long motorised curved curtain tracks to blind all rear glass walls.

Construction stage of phase two of the most significant and largest construction project of the Republic of Latvia in the field of culture – reconstruction of the Mezaparks Great Bandstand – was completed on 11 June 2021. During the first stage of phase two, construction of the bandstand was implemented, whereas, during the second stage – construction of the technical and office buildings, as well as territory improvement.

In the final stage, an 850-square-meter hall and smaller halls, an exhibition space and other premises were built under the stage.

Authors of the design are the Latvian architects Juris Poga and Austris Mailītis. After the reconstruction, the Mezaparks Great Bandstand has acquired the image of a Silver Grove on a mountain of songs, as intended by the authors of the idea. After the reconstruction, the total area of the Mezaparks Great Bandstand accounts for 14 6430 m2, and the project is recognised at the European level as a unique and complicated one with an individual acoustic solution.

Used products:


2 pcs Curtain Track System TR-6 (40M, curved)

2 pcs Curtain Track Flex rail (40M, curved)

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