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Powertool driven pilewind winch with 24V DC brake

Girts Teilans February 2019


Lifting load – 250 kg, up to 12m lifting height. Safe electromagnetic 24V DC brake. Limit switches and LED colour indication shows travel range.

“Black box” with UPS and pedal for brake activation, carry of powertool and other accessories.

Plastic cable management system

Girts Teilans February 2019


Lightweight plastic e-chain cable management system developed

Heavy cable guide CAB 30.jpg
Heavy duty cable guide CAB 30

Girts Teilans September 2018


Have to send big amount of cables to you lighting bridge? There's solution!

280mm wide, up to 20m height (even more, with custom solutions).

Pilewind winch WIN 150.jpg
Mini pilewind winch

Girts Teilans August 2018


New update of our pilewind winch range. Lifting load - 150 kg, up to 9m liftig height. Compact and light design - just 50 kg self weight and 35cm height.

Load pulley Winwood
New load measurement system

Girts Teilans July 2017


New update in our product range - load pulleys. Based on high accuracy custom load pin.
Up to 6 way 6mm wire configuration. Different load capacity pulleys can be produced on request.
Integrated in WINWOOD winch electronics.


Calibration, overload/underload adjusting based on PC.

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